Workshop ésad d'Amiens. 2016


Lettrines was a series of workshops I organised and led along with Greg Remond, Yoan Deroek & Jérôme Krebusch. We used alphaGraph, a custom-made software tool I wrote for exploring letter forms. alphaGraph is a simple parametric program that lets you easily experiment and iterate over a variety of graphic possibilites. Each student was given a text and a drop cap letter to design. Each letter design was then made into a wood block using a laser cutter. Prints were composed and made using a traditional letter press.

Project type : Workshop | Research
Tools used : alphaGraph, laser cutter, printing press
Web Site : Workshop Lettrines
Code Repository : alphaGraph

Workshop at ésad d'Amiens. 2016

Student design iterations using alphaGraph. ésad d'Amiens. 2016

alphaGraph is the first in a series of tools for exploring letter form. I'm interested in how we learn to use tools and eventually how we can make our own for graphic use. "More tool-making, less tool-demonstrating."

Workshop at ésac Metz. 2017


Student test & final prints. ésad d'Amiens. 2016

alphaGraph is the first in a series of tools that explore transdisciplinary approaches in graphic design. Custom-made software, it's conception, development and their applications lie at the heart of this project. To begin with, I wanted to make a simple tool for quick prototyping that lets graphic designers explore letter forms without getting their hands dirty in the coding part. Secondly, I wanted to see what students would do with such a tool. Hence the workshop format.

My intention is to continue developing workshops and projects that specifically take shape within the context of tool-making. In line with this, I am also working on a series of other software tools. These tools must be open source, well-documented, easy to install and simple in use. For that, I'm writing up a set of criteria. More about that soon.

Student prints. ésad d'Amiens. 2016

Flyer design for workshop. ésad d'Amiens. 2016